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[Jun. 30th, 2007|10:52 am]
Fans of Morinozuka Takashi aka Mori


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Well, I've been a member of this community for a time now, but haven't had the courage to post anything, so this will actually be my first contribution, it's a short drabble, really short, but I hope you like it.

I have this weird obsession right now about jousting because of the festival on April next year... hope you like it, it's really short tough...

Disclaimer: Ouran belongs to Hatori Bisco-sama, not me


Mori was gazing outside his window one starry night, he was thinking about the afternoon's cosplay, featuring medieval knights and Haruhi as the damsel. As always, Tamaki would plan the things to go the whole mile, and today's was not an exception, how come Kyouya could arrange the horses, rencs and the liza was beyond Mori's understanding. Somehow, altough he was not the fantasy type guy, he couldn't help but to feel excited about this, and his mind would entangle some chivalry dreams to go with the day. Maybe his fihgthing instincts were to be blamed, or maybe it was just that he was having fun fighting with them. He never had so many friends to play with, and even if a mêlee was not a game, it certainly went that way with the Host Club.

They had to wear heavy armors and silk inners, the horses were beautiful and the weapons shone under the sun. Each one of them had a blazon to defend, Tamaki's was white with a horse, Kyouya's black one had a silver eagle, the twins had a double coat of arms bearing teo griffins, Hunny's was pink with a rabbit, and his own was a white unicorn over blue field. The customers were going crazy, with each one of the presentations. And they tried to give pieces to each one of the jousting chevaliers.

The struggle was fierce, they had to mêlee with swords and do jousting. They had archery and lancing contests. And a great banquet in the middle. And after the fight, wich degenerated into a running battle between parties seeking to take ransoms (namely the twins against Tamaki), he was the winner. He got to the lists to receive the prize between the applauses of the Host Club's customers. He had the gold Feather between his hands now. It shone beautifully in the night light. He was sure this would become one of his most treasured trophies as it was won with a lot of fun and friends. But most of all, it would be because of the kiss that Haruhi gave him, cheeks flushed, in the lists.


Hope you liked it, and now some terms, as some words are not as known right now XP: Blazon is a coat of arms, Liza is the field were the jousting takes place. The jousting is the fight with horses and lances of the medieval tournament. The rencs is the piece of wood in the middle of the liza that separated the tracks for the chevaliers that do jousting. And mêlee was an all against all fight that took place before the jousting, it was done with swords, lances, net and every weapon you could handle with bare hands . Usually the prize was a gold feather or leaves crown along with a beautiful lady's kiss, that was the most seeked prize XD. 
Hope you like it!