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Late Night Revelations Chapter 5 - Fans of Morinozuka Takashi aka Mori [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Fans of Morinozuka Takashi aka Mori

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Late Night Revelations Chapter 5 [Jun. 23rd, 2007|11:41 pm]
Fans of Morinozuka Takashi aka Mori
[music |It's Not Over]

Title: Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
Warnings/Spoilers: Helps to have seen the series or be up to date on the manga.
Disclaimer: I own nothing at all
Summary: Chapter 5 of 10 of my Late Night Revelations Series

"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me." Haruhi bowed to Sakura and Hotaru and the two women smiled.

"I have told you before, Haru-chan that it is out pleasure." Hotaru said, smiling warmly. It seemed that she used nicknames as terms of affection just as easily as her eldest son did. "I am just glad that we can assist you in this issue. Ranka can provide you with a lot of advice in these areas, as far as clothing and makeup go, but I am honored that you are allowing Sakura and I to help you."

Haruhi nodded with a smile.

"Have a wonderful week at school. We will see you Wednesday then as usual?" Sakura's voice was soft. It was true that she and Hotaru enjoyed this time with Haruhi. The two women hid their amusement at Haruhi's accounting of Ranka’s ploys to turn Haruhi into a girl, as well as the many attempts by Tamaki and the Hitachiin's to force her to find her femininity. Haruhi had remarked that she did not mind being girly at times, but she wished to do it on her own terms, not under duress. Both women understood – they were women in martial arts families with martial arts backgrounds – there had been a time when they themselves could only be found in clothing suited for the dojo.

"I look forward to it." Haruhi glanced away. "There is something that I wanted to ask before I left." Haruhi's voice dropped and she glanced over to the foyer where Mitsukuni and Takashi stood waiting to take her home. Haruhi stepped towards the two women – her face flushed slightly. "How did you first know that you—" Haruhi paused and Sakura smiled.

"How did I know when I was first in love?" Her voice was a whisper and Haruhi nodded.

"Takashi, we will be a moment longer. I do apologize." Sakura smiled at her son and pulled Haruhi back into the house proper, leading her to a private sitting room. None of the men of the house would dare follow them there. Hotaru closed the shoji screen behind them and settled down beside Haruhi.

"I met my husband when I was in high school. It was the first time that I can remember liking a man." Hotaru's voice was wistful. "I had been so intent on my studies that I did not have time for constantly falling in love like the other girls did."

"I tried to listen to the girls that attend The Host Club – to see what they said on the matter – but they fall in love each time Mitsukuni eats a piece of cake – or any time Takashi speaks. That cannot be love."

"It isn't." Sakura's voice was firm. "Love is a great many things, but it runs far deeper than that."

"When I first fell in love I found my thoughts wandering to him. Just wondering what he was doing, how he was feeling. I found myself trying to get to know him better as a person. He was handsome, he still is." Hotaru smiled, "But his being handsome wasn't enough. I wanted him to notice me. And he did. We began dating and I found that I began to see things in terms of us, and not just me."

Sakura nodded. "I would be flustered in ways that I had not been before." Sakura laughed. "My husband stood next to me once while I was getting lunch and I was so nervous that I dropped my tray on the cafeteria floor. I was so embarrassed but he helped me clean it up and that was how we began to talk. He wondered why someone skilled in
martial arts was suddenly so clumsy." Sakura blushed. "I know no other man who could fluster me by merely standing beside me. That was how I first began to know."

"Do you feel anything like this?"

Haruhi nodded slowly. She had spent several weeks in and out of the Morinozuka and Haninozuka households visiting with Sakura and Hotaru and she was forming a real friendship with the two women. They were like mothers to her but they were also friends.

"I have always been oblivious to things, to the feelings that others have for me. I reject people without knowing what I am doing. But I find myself wondering if he could ever like me. I get flustered when he is near – and Kyoya always adds to my debt because of it."

"Ah, so he is in the Host Club?"

Haruhi froze. "I think I should go…"

"Of course, Haruhi. Mitsukuni and Takashi are waiting."

"I know…" Haruhi murmured under her breath, and the two mothers pretended not to hear as they made their way back to the front of the house.

"Haruhi." Takashi spoke as she put on her shoes, she did not turn to him as she responded.


"There are rumors that Ootori-san will be asking to meet with you in the near future. If the headmaster finds out I am sure that Suoh-san will also desire a meeting with you."

"Rumors?" Sakura raised an eyebrow at her son and he nodded.

"Rumors from very secure sources."

"I see. We shall have to let your fathers know." Sakura paused. "Haruhi – sometime this week I think it would be in your best interest to get a written statement from Kyoya on exactly how much you owe. I am quite curious. I doubt that he will give you the full accounting."

Mitsukuni nodded. "Kyoya does not want Haruhi to leave. He adds to her debt for mistakes that we make."

Takashi nodded.

"When you get it make sure he verifies in writing that the total will stand until the following day. If you could bring it Wednesday that would be appreciated."

"Sakura I don't want—"

"This is not pity nor is it charity Haruhi. We said we would protect you from those men and their intentions. It seems that they are ready to start making their moves. We will merely make sure that you have a choice in the matter, whatever it is."

Sakura paused and leaned forward. When she spoke her voice was a whisper but all present heard it. "And about the other subject – I was the first to kiss him."

Haruhi blushed and looked away.

Takashi however, startled, looking intently at Haruhi.

"We should go. Ranka will worry." His voice was sharp and Mitsukuni stared up at his cousin.

"Ah…" Haruhi did not look up to Takashi as the three students filed out of the door and Mitsukuni paused in the doorway, glancing back at his mother and Sakura. He smiled when Sakura winked.

"You really should go with them, Mitsukuni."

"Takashi and Haruhi are beginning to realize things— I won’t let Kyou-chan or Tama-chan mess things up."

"I trust that you have things well in hand, Mitsukuni. Now hurry, I would hate for Haruhi to feel awkward with Takashi after my comment. When you drop Haruhi off please come with Takashi to the study. We will be discussing things with both of your fathers."

"Of course." Mitsukuni hurried out the door and Hotaru turned to Sakura.

"She might not come back."

"She will. She is just embarrassed to realize that we know whom she likes. She is too practical a girl to stay embarrassed for long. And I feel that certain events will happen this week – events that will change things. A leak in Ootori security is a serious thing. It does not bode well for Haruhi or her father."

"Mitsukuni says Haruhi is very discreet about her comings and goings. The club wonders where she goes but she had not told them. The Ootori's might know that she comes here, but considering Haruhi has Kasanoda walk her to the bus station I doubt it."

"They could be a dangerous enemy if they find out what is happening. Do you know if Haruhi has discussed things to the yakuza heir?"

"We can ask Mitsukuni and Takashi when they return."

It was an odd week in the Host Club for Haruhi. Things had been different between her and Takashi since his mother had made that her because of that comment. She had thought that they were forging a true friendship, but it seemed that she was mistaken. Haruhi was determined to give Sakura a piece of her mind when they met for tea that evening. The club for the day was trying on Haruhi's nerves. Tamaki, in typical superfluous Tamaki style, had decided to explore his roots and use a literary theme for the day. Today the theme was ‘The Three Musketeers’.

Tamaki was the King. Kyoya was the cardinal. Mori, Hunny, Hikaru and Kaoru were the musketeers and Haruhi was a page boy. She did not mind so much because the costume involved a lot less decoration, but it still meant that she was in a long tunic and tights. And knee high boots, like the musketeers wore. Tamaki and Kyoya were the only ones in pants, though they both wore ornate robes over their clothing. Tamaki promised each of his patrons in a different way that they were, and would always be, his queen, while Kyoya sat and plotted from the side lines – very fitting for the Shadow King and the character he chose to play. Mitsukuni kept darting between Haruhi and his cousin, trying to get them to speak but Mori would not cooperate. The last customers were leaving for the day when Haruhi lay a hand on Mitsukuni's shoulder.

"Mitsukuni, I am very unhappy that Takashi is ignoring me. I thought we were friends now." Haruhi was blunt, her voice soft and Mitsukuni nodded.

"Takashi is upset. He will not tell me more than that."

"Haruhiiiiiiiiii" Two voices chimed in her ears and Mitsukuni slipped away as the twins began to wrap themselves around her shoulders. Mitsukuni slipped back into a chair beside Takashi, eyeing him as he watched Haruhi. It was amazing how the twins could slip over the back of the couch to sit beside Haruhi, and it amazed him how unaffected she seemed by their presence. Mitsukuni had been intrigued by the comment that Sakura had made. It seemed that Haruhi had developed her first crush – and it did not seem to be on either Hikaru or Kaoru. He hoped that it was Takashi but Haruhi was very hard to read.

"Leave my daughter alone you devils!" Tamaki leapt across the room and over chairs to rescue his daughter from the clutches of said devils.

"We aren't doing anything to her, Tono." Hikaru smirked as he rubbed his cheek against Haruhi's.

"Our intentions are perfectly innocent." Kaoru purred and Tamaki sputtered.

"Unhand my daughter you ruffians!" Tamaki lunged towards the couch and grabbed Haruhi's arm. "Don't worry, I will save you."

On instinct Hikaru and Kaoru grabbed Haruhi's other arm to keep her with them and soon it became a tug-o-Haruhi game as they fought for the prize.

"Unhand her!"

"We weren't doing anything!"

"Let me go!"

"Let her go. You heard what she wants."

"You are the one who is tugging on her, Tono, we are merely keeping her wish us." Hikaru tugged extra hard on Haruhi's and she whimpered.

"Stop it. Let me go. That hurts!" Haruhi demanded.

"I will never abandon my daughter." Tamaki pulled and Haruhi stumbled forward slightly.

"We will protect you Haruhi." Haruhi stumbled back again as the twins tugged on her other arm.

"Owww!" Haruhi whimpered and Tamaki in return tugged on her arm.

"You are hurting her. Let her go." He pulled on her arm and Haruhi stumbled forward, falling to the ground, her hands ripping out of the grasp of her captors.

"Haruhi!" All three gasped and moved towards her.

"Do. Not. Touch. Me." Haruhi growled.

"But Haruhi you are hurt."

"Get away from me." Haruhi growled and looked up, locking gazed with Takashi. She could see the guilt flicker across his face as he strode across the room.

"Can you stand?" He knelt before her and she shook her head. Easily Takashi lifted Haruhi and the twins and Tamaki made a move to follow.

"No." Haruhi snapped at the three.

"But Haruhi—"

"It is your fault that I fell in the first place." Haruhi growled. "I am not a toy or a plaything. I am a person and when I say let me go I mean let me go." Haruhi turned her gaze to Kyoya who stood nearby, impassive.

"You will not add this to my debt." Haruhi’s voice was firm.

"Oh?" He pushed his glassed up his nose.

"In fact I think that the Host Club, or at the very least the Suoh's and the Hitachiin's should pay for any medical bills that this might have incurred."

"We didn't mean to—"

"You never mean to but you always do." Haruhi locked gazed with Tamaki. "You never actually listen to what I want and in doing so, end up complicating things. You force me to do what you want. Or you kidnap me by force and shove me in a limo. Or you have Kyoya blackmail me with my debt to the point that I have no choice but to do what you want."

"But you enj—"

"Not usually." Haruhi cut him off and winced as she tried to flex her ankle.

"It does not look broken." Takashi spoke and Haruhi nodded.

"I didn't hear a crack when I fell." Haruhi noticed that Tamaki stared at her, his mouth gaping, the twins exchanging looks of uncertainty.

"Perhaps the pain is making Haruhi a little unreasonable."

"Perhaps Haruhi is sick and tired of members of this club thinking that just because she is a commoner that she is not a person." Haruhi snapped back glaring at Kyoya. "I want to go to the nurse but I want your assurance that I will not be charged for this."

"Of course you won't be." Tamaki spouted.

"I want it in writing. I want to know my current debt to date and I want to know that nothing else will be added today."

Kyoya stared at Haruhi, the light of the room glinting off his glasses.

"You should get your ankle looked at."

"My debt first."

Kyoya did not move.

Haruhi dropped her voice, so that only Kyoya, who stood next to Mori, and Mori, heard. "You father expressed an interest in meeting with me. He stopped me on my way to school. It would be a shame if he found out that your negligence in managing things in the host club caused me to become injured. Or if Suoh-san found out." Haruhi felt Mori's arms stiffen around her and Kyoya smiled thinly.

"Of course I will give you that statement. My concern, as always, is for your well being."

"Okaa-san is so good to our daughter!" Tamaki gushed as Kyoya quickly scribbled numbers and a statement onto a paper.

"If the school nurse feels that you need to go to a hospital of course any treatment you receive will be at an Ootori hospital. I will make sure that they understand the situation."

Haruhi nodded and read the paper that Kyoya handed to her.

Hikaru and Kaoru slinked up to Haruhi, their heads held low.

"We are sorry."

"We didn't mean to."

"You are our friend—"

"If it had been either of you in the middle, with the other tugging on your arm, asking to be let go, voicing pain – it would have stopped instantly." Haruhi's voice was soft. "You don't treat a friend that you care about like a toy – or claim them like a plaything. You listen to what they say. You are concerned for what they want. You know enough about them to know what they want and to know when they are serious about things." Haruhi rubbed her wrists gingerly.

"I don't know how to explain to my father that the bruises on my arms are from the three of you trying to pull my arms from my sockets, or that my ankle is hurt because this contest left me crumpled on the floor."

All three young men paled.

"He will kill us."

"Takashi I want to go see the nurse now." Haruhi sighed and glanced at Mitsukuni as Takashi took her towards the door.

"Mitsukuni can you tell Sakura and Hotaru that I will be a little late this evening?"

"Of course." Hunny smiled and as the host club members stood gaping while Mori carried Haruhi out of the room and to the nurses office.

"Why didn't you mention that Ootori-san had approached you?"

"I was going to tell your mother later tonight."

"It was important. You should have told me."

"You have been distant. I didn't think it would matter to you." Haruhi did not look at Mori as she spoke but she could feel him stiffen. "After you found out that your mother and I had been discussing boys you have been distant. Obviously we are not the friends that we thought we were. I did not wish to bother you."

"How can you—" Mori veered off into a side hallway, and then entered the library, closing the door behind him.

"You know that I will protect you. I told you this. Mitsukuni and I, my family, his family, we will all—"

"How can you protect me if you will not even talk to me?" Haruhi struggled to turn around in Mori's arms to look at him and growled in dissatisfaction.

"Put me down for a moment."

"Your ankle."

"I will lean against the door. I want to look at you while we have this conversation."

"You should have told me."

"How? Hey Takashi I know you aren't talking to me but by the way Ootori-san mentioned that he wished to talk with me."

"You should have told me."

"Why did your mother’s statement change our friendship?"

"I didn't want to get in the way—"

Haruhi smiled slightly.

"Can I go to the nurse now, Takashi?"

He paused, blinking at her. After a moment of staring at her in silence he moved towards her, picking her up.

"It looks like I will have to kiss him first." Haruhi's voice was soft as Mori carefully settled her into his arms. She could feel him freeze, his grip stiffening around her slightly. Slowly, so he could prevent it if he wanted to, she pulled herself up, bracing her hands on his shoulders, and placed a light kiss against his lips.

Mori flushed slightly. "I am sorry, Haruhi. I thought--"

"Just don't do it again, Takashi." Her voice was soft and Mori could hear the pain laced in her voice. It was his fault she was hurt. He was too busy ignoring her, trying to stay out of her way, that he had not stopped the tug of war. He owed her a great apology. Haruhi didn't speak after the kiss, a slight blush coloring her cheeks. Instead she lay her head against his shoulder as they exited the library.

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2007-06-25 12:27 am (UTC)
Haruhi is scary when she's angry...

Write more!
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write more, more more .. ;D
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